Pump Stations

In partnership with Xylem Water Solutions, Ri-Industries can provide concrete precast pump stations.  We have a long-standing relationship with Xylem providing pump stations for all manner of purposes. Offered in four sizes:  1.8 metre, 2.2 metre, 3 metre internal diameter and the even larger Volym pump station (which is elliptical shaped and has equivalent capacity to a 3.8 metre internal diameter station) they are fully engineered from depths of 8 metres for the 1.8 metre station, to 14 metres for the larger stations.

Septic tank Adelaide

All pump stations can be epoxy coated internally and if required they can even be poly lined during the production process.

Concrete septic tank

If you are in need of a precast pump station please contact us or contact Xylem Water Solutions.


“Xylem has been a long-standing client of Ri-Industries for more than 25 years. This is a partnership I cannot speak more highly of, especially regarding the people within the organisation and their dedication to cooperation.”

Tom Van Dyk, Senior Bid Manager
Xylem Water Solutions Australia Limited