Special Projects

Pre-Cast Concrete for Civil Engineering Projects

We work regularly with civil engineering and construction companies to provide tailored pre-cast concrete solutions. One such company is the Reinforced Earth Group, specialists in earth retaining and buried arch tunnel solutions for the civil, military, mining and energy sectors. We have worked with them for over 15 years and undertaken a number of large infrastructure projects in South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria.

Our pre cast concrete solutions for civil engineering projects include:

  • Retaining wall panels
  • L shaped barriers
  • Concrete road barriers
  • Bridge parapets
  • New Jersey barriers
  • Large walling blocks
  • Precast beams
  • Precast arch tunnels

We strive to produce excellent quality products, on time and at the agreed price. We know that our reputation is only as good as our last job, so we ensure that our customers are happy with each contract.
Examples of previous projects include:

Bridge Parapets
  • Southern Expressway
  • Eastern Parade Bridge, Port River Expressway
  • South Road & Hanson Road, Port River Expressway
  • Mawson Connector
  • South Road Superway early works
Block Walls/Barriers
  • Defence Force, Port Wakefield
  • Kangaroo Creek
Reinforced Earth Panels
  • Stuart Highway, Alice Springs
  • South Road Superway
  • South Road bridges, Port River Expressway
  • Somerton Road, Melbourne
  • Northern Expressway
  • Darlington upgrade
  • Flinders Link
  • Gawler East Link
  • Regency to Pym St
Platform Walls
  • Wayville Station
Arch Units
  • ESH Project
Retaining Walls
  • Mawson Connector Station
  • Oaklands Park Station

To find out more about how we can assist with your project, call us on 08 8444 8100 or request a quote.