Efficient and Flexible Delivery

We know that the timing of the delivery of your products plays a crucial part in your building project. If you’re building a house then putting a waste water treatment system or septic tank needs to happen very early in the process. Plumbers follow strict timetables and need everything to happen in a certain order. We will work with you to ensure we fit in with your timelines.

Ri-Industries has a fleet of vehicles, including crane trucks, that are modern, clean and purpose-built to deliver all of our pre-cast concrete products.  Where possible, we will be flexible with delivery times to accommodate urgent requests. Our drivers are courteous and knowledgeable and will do their best to help you when delivering the product on-site.

Preplanning your delivery well in advance will help us to meet your requirements. Our trucks are 10 metres long and 2.5 metres wide, therefore we need to assess the best way to unload your tank, taking factors into account such as:
  • We will need to reverse up to the hole therefore easy access is very important
  • A clear, level site is required to unload the tank in your excavated area
  • 4.7 metres is needed for the truck to pass under trees and overhead power lines
  • A minimum height clearance of 8 metres is required when unloading
  • 4 metres clearance is required between gate posts.

Please Note: Ri-Industries advises that all underground tanks are to be filled at least 50%-70% with water to all chambers to stop flotation.

We offer a FREE on-site visit inspections regarding delivery.

Delivery instructions

The truck would need to reverse up to the hole. A clear level site is required to unload the tank into your prepared excavation. Easy access is very important, ie. NO overhead trees, wires, etc. NO benching out of the hole.

Swiftlift’ lifting system

The ‘Swiftlift’ concrete lifting system provides a simple, safe and rapid method of lifting and handling precast concrete elements.

Originally developed to overcome the need to use time consuming and potentially dangerous threaded connectors, the system has been extensively used throughout the world for more than ten years and has proved its versatility, operational simplicity and safety in a wide range of applications.

Full approval has been granted for the use of this system by the regulatory authorities in every state of Australia and New Zealand.

The system uses forged steel anchors which are normally hot dipped galvanised. Each anchor has its capacity, in tonnes, clearly marked on the head to ensure maximum safety on site.

A specially designed ‘lifting eye’ is connected to the head of the embedded anchor. The lifting eyes are designed so that, when properly connected, they cannot release whilst the system is under load.

On completion of the lift, the eye is simply disengaged and, where required, the recess is grouted over.

The ‘Swiftlift’ lifting system is standard in all Ri products and the lifting eyes may be purchased from our office.

Available in 1.3, 2.5, 5.0 and 10 tonnes.

Lifting septic tanks • 3,000 – 5,000 litre
The use of unapproved lifting equipment may damage or crack tanks.

The diagram shown is the correct method for lifting a “Ri” 1620 – 5,000 litre horizontal cylindrical type septic tank. Where ‘Swiftlift’ anchors are fitted, these may be used for lifting with an appropriate lifting eye.

Chain of Responsibility

Ri-Industries takes our involvement in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ very seriously, ensuring that we comply with the compliance and enforcement (C&E) legislation in relation to potential road safety breaches. We exercise due care and take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of road safety law, and we expect our business partners to do the same. This includes ‘third party transport’ collection of goods from our premises. All transport providers collecting goods from our premises will be required to prove compliance or provide details of the relevant person within the business that we are able to contact for compliance details. This ensures all parties within the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ are protected via the reasonable steps defence measure.

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