Does Laundry Affect the Septic System?

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It’s time to do a load of clothes washing, but first there are a few things to think about. How to separate colours? What temperature water should be used? Which detergent is best?  When making these decisions, do you ever consider how to best care for the septic system? That’s right. To help keep your septic system in the best working order, there are some things you should consider when using your washing machine.

A Little Bit at a Time

This may be good news or bad news depending upon your view. To best care for your septic system, loads should be well spaced apart. If you’re someone who likes to do one load after another until the week’s laundry is done in just one day, you might want to have another think. When too much water passes through the septic tank, it does not have enough time to undergo the settlement process to properly breakdown the solid matter. The end result is that your soakage field fails, causing expensive damages.

Clean Out BOTH Lint Trays

You probably clean out the dryer lint tray already, but did you know the washing machine has a lint tray also? Laundry debris and lint can escape to your pipes causing severe blockages. These substantial backups can break down your septic system, so take this tip seriously.

Go Au Natural

Antibacterial ingredients that are found in many household cleaners can hurt your septic system because they kill the good bacteria needed to break down waste in the tank. This applies to your washing detergent as well. Powders tend to contain clay and fillers that promote clogs. Choose all natural cleaners and avoid these concerns.

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