Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Toilet Paper

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Hopefully, you have read our previous blogs and know that they are full of useful and important information about septic systems, green living, and water conservation. There is one topic which has been overlooked despite the impact it has on each of these topics: toilet paper.
How do you choose the toilet paper you buy? Do you grab the least expensive? Do you look for “green” labeling? Do you choose 1 ply, 2 ply, or 3 ply? Do you research which brand will have the least effect on our environment? Perhaps you are uncertain what you should consider before making this important purchase, so we have compiled a number of facts to educate and entertain you.
• Did you know that approximately 70 – 75% of the world does NOT use toilet paper? Some areas of the world have a lack of trees which means not enough resources to produce the paper. Some people cannot afford toilet paper whilst others just don’t want to spend money on fancy paper that is made just to wipe their bums.
• A roll of toilet paper lasts approximately 5 days in an average household.
• On average, people use 8 – 9 sheets of toilet paper per use with an average of 57 sheets per day.
• On average, 384 trees are used to make the toilet paper one man will use in a lifetime.
• The first paper specifically designed for the task of cleaning ones’ bottom dates back to the 14th century when a Chinese emperor ordered it in 2 foot X 3 foot sheets.
• Rolled and perforated toilet paper, as we use today, dates back to the 1880’s.
• People who hang the paper to be pulled from behind are considered to be more intelligent than those who hang it to be pulled from the top.
• In 1935, Northern Tissue proudly advertised splinter free toilet paper. That’s right, be grateful for the softness we experience today!
• In 1999, The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum opened.
• Only five percent of the toilet paper we flush away in Australia is made from recycled paper.
1millionwomen.com provides some good information on the effects of worldwide toilet paper production and its impact on the environment. For example, how many brands claim to be “green”, but are not as green as we are led to believe. They explain just what we should look for in green toilet paper.
If going green is not your top concern, perhaps you would like to go gold. Yes, Toilet Paper Man has a limited supply (1) of 3 ply toilet paper with 24 carat gold throughout the roll. Best of all, this product is proudly made right here in Australia!

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