Helpful Household Cleaning Tips: Bathroom Edition

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Ri-Industries has shared many helpful tips over the years. We’ve offered tips for “green” cleaning, how to care for septic systems, which items should not be flushed down the toilet and more. Today, we share more helpful household cleaning tips.

“I LOVE cleaning the bathroom,” said no one ever! Let’s face it, even for those of us that enjoy cleaning our homes, it’s really difficult to enjoy cleaning the bathroom. No matter how tidy family members are on a daily basis, the bathroom will still be germ-laden. The possibility of your hands coming into contact with something undesirable is rather high. Plus, it often seems that no matter how hard you scrub or how strong the cleaner is, there are just some areas that will not get clean.

Well, we searched the internet for helpful household cleaning tips to make your bathroom sparkle and found the following tips by the experts at Absolute Domestics:

  1. Keep your toilet clean and fresh by scrubbing the inside bowl with toilet cleaner, white vinegar or bi-carb soda.  You may want to leave this to soak for a few minutes beforehand. Give a good old scrub with the toilet brush, then flush, rinsing off your toilet brush when flushing.  Give both sides of the lid and outside the toilet a wipe over with anti-bacterial cleaner paying attention to the flush button and bottom of the toilet which often get missed.


  1. When you regularly use your bathroom, you’ll often end up with hard water stains on your bathroom taps. These hard water stains can be removed with lemon. Simply rub a fresh lemon over the water stains and not only will shine, it will smell nice too!


  1. Shower scum is made up of mineral deposits (usually calcium and carbonate) and soap scum. To get this off your shower without chemicals use White Magic Eraser or White Vinegar. Simply put white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray onto the shower door, scrub the mixture on the shower screen with and old pair of stockings or a soft bristled brush. Yes you heard right, the denier in stockings gives you that bit of added oomph rather than using a harsh scourer that can etch or scratch your glass. Rinse off with warm water. Squeegee off the excess water and dry with a microfibre cloth or soft towel.

There you go. Three simple tips to help make your bathroom sparkle!

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