Loos Seen Around the World

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Ok, we understand that you may not think about loos, septic systems, and bathroom habits as much as we do, but considering the large role they play in the daily life of everyone, it seems to be topics we all should know just a little more about. So, Ri Industries is here with another installment of entertaining, if not useful, knowledge.

This beauty is known as a “washout toilet” and can be found in Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. Notice the shelf it provides so that you may carefully inspect your disposal prior to flushing. No judgement here.

Photo via: Mo-Berlin

This you may find in Tibet. Now, men are known to have very poor aim, so we are quite concerned about this set up.

Photo by: Bob Witlox via Panoramio

Ah, the bidet! European countries take an extra step towards cleanliness. Perhaps bidets should be more popular in Australia since they are used to clean your “down unders”!

Photo via: Reddit

Tradition in Japan will have you squatting and facing the wall with the tissue.  Unlike the washout toilet, this set up provides extensive room and tiling so those with poor aim need not be stressed.

Photo via: The Only Blonde in Osaka

Japan also offers a more modern touch although from the looks of it, it may require a degree from Loo U before one can use it.

Photo via: Netflights

The public restrooms in Asia offer you the choice to sit or squat.

Photo by: Ken Lee via Flickr

The desi toilet in india. No tissue here, so be sure you can reach that bucket!

Photo via: The Organic Indian

Amsterdam is known for it’s openness and here is a fine example.

Photo via: Jane Dutton Utrecht

We also came across some very sad images. Such as the one from a poor section in Cambodia which basically is a simple stall with no bottom. Everything goes straight into the river below. So, although we had some fun with this, we are very thankful for the septic systems we have in South Australia and are glad to be a part of keeping our community clean and healthy.

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