Rainwater Collection Tanks, What are the Benefits?

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Rainwater collection tanks are a popular option for households and businesses in South
Australia, especially in areas where water is scarce or expensive. The state government
encourages the use of rainwater tanks through various initiatives, such as rebates and
education programs.

The benefits of using rainwater tanks in South Australia include:

1. Water conservation: South Australia is a water-scarce region, and rainwater tanks help
to conserve water by collecting and storing rainwater for later use.
2. Cost savings: Rainwater tanks can help reduce water bills, particularly in areas where
water is expensive.
3. Improved water quality: Rainwater is often of higher quality than mains water, as it is free
from the chemicals used to treat mains water.
4. Reduced strain on infrastructure: Rainwater tanks can help reduce demand on mains
water infrastructure, particularly during times of drought.

When using rainwater collection tanks in South Australia, it is important to ensure that the tanks
are properly installed and maintained. This includes regular cleaning of the tank and ensuring
that it is correctly plumbed into the household or business water supply.
It is also important to check with local councils and water authorities for any regulations or
requirements related to the installation and use of rainwater tanks, as these can vary depending
on the area.

Ri-Industries offers concrete rainwater tanks that are built to last. Designed and manufactured in
Adelaide to the highest standards, our underground rainwater tanks are superior quality, with a
range sizes available.

Concrete rainwater tanks offer a number of advantages:

● The water stays cooler.
● No algae develops.
● The water has no after-taste.
● They are vandal-proof and fire-proof.
● Being underground means they are out of sight and don’t take up much of your valuable
real estate.
● Concrete is stronger and more durable.

Coupled with our manufacturer’s warranty, you can be sure that rainwater tanks from Ri-
Industries will last the distance.

Call us on 08 8444 8100 to learn more or request a quote. Our team are more than happy to
answer any questions you may have.


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