Rainwater Harvesting Benefits Farming and Agriculture

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Farming and agriculture play an important role in Australia. Rainwater tanks contribute to their success by reducing their reliance on mother nature.

Farms require an abundance of water to keep their crops and livestock healthy. In Australia, which is known for its dry climate, rainwater tanks Adelaide can help keep the water flowing despite a lack of rain. Another concern of farmers is the outbreak of disease or parasites. When this occurs, it’s in their best interest to have access to their own clean water supply.

Farmers use rainwater harvesting, which is the primary and most efficient component of water supply management for rural and regional Australia, to fill the rainwater tanks. Rainwater that falls on the roofs of houses, sheds, and other farm buildings is collected and stored in tanks. This is an easy way to locally collect water and use it where and when it’s needed.

The collected water can be used in various applications such as feeding stock, spraying crops, and storing water for firefighting. The quality of rainwater is typically superior to water from sources such as dams and local waterways which means it can also be used for domestic use.

Rainwater harvesting is expected to become more popular in the years to come. This is in part due to the cost-effectiveness of rainwater harvesting as compared to setting up main water and sewage services in semi-rural and rural areas. In fact, rainwater harvesting is so cost-efficient that arguments have been made that it should be used more widely in urban areas as well.

The bottom line is that safely storing water in tanks is a cost-effective way to see you through many types of water crises, including drought. If you’d like to learn more about rainwater harvesting and/or Ri-Industries rainwater tanks, we have a range of articles you can read available on our website. Of course, we’ll be happy to take your call to answer questions as well. You can reach us at 08 8444 8100.

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