Rainwater Harvesting Will Help Conserve Water and Lower Costs

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Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way to conserve water and lower expenses. The rainfall we’ve been seeing in South Australia makes this a great time to learn about rainwater harvesting and see if it’s something you’d like to do. 

First, let’s answer the question, ‘What is rainwater harvesting?’. Simply put, it’s collecting and storing rain for later use. So now, let’s take a look at how the water can be used and how it is collected. 

Harvested rainwater provides clean water where water is scarce or polluted. It can be used to flush toilets, do laundry, water the garden, wash cars, and more. However, if you want to be able to drink the water, the system must be designed, operated, and maintained to ensure the water quality is suitable. 

It’s often thought that rainwater harvesting is only done in rural areas. In fact, many urban households harvest rainwater to significantly lower mains water usage. According to www.sa.gov.au, “South Australian building rules require that new dwellings and some extensions or alterations, have an additional water supply to supplement mains water. The most common way to meet the additional water supply requirement is to install plumbed minimum-sized rainwater tanks.”

Is harvesting rainwater more costly than only using mains water? No! Once the tank is installed and your water use is supplemented by the harvested rainwater, your water bills should be lower. After all, rainwater is free!

Harvested rainwater is collected from various hard surfaces such as rooftops and/or other man made above ground hard surfaces. The water is stored in a tank. The below diagram (credit: treehugger.com) shows how rainwater harvesting works.

Ri-Industries manufactures underground concrete rainwater tanks. Concrete rainwater tanks offer a number of advantages:

  • The water stays cooler.
  • No algae develops.
  • The water has no after-taste.
  • They are vandal-proof and fire-proof.
  • Being underground means they are out of sight and don’t take up much of your valuable real estate.
  • Concrete is stronger and more durable.

Our rainwater tanks are built to stand the test of time. They’re made from high frequency vibrated reinforced concrete using the highest quality of materials. Steel mesh is cast into the rainwater tanks and lids, and all fittings are made from brass – to give additional peace of mind. We also have full engineering approval for below ground tanks. This means you can rest easy knowing that a Ri-Industries rainwater tank will serve you well, wherever it is installed. We can also custom make inlets and outlets to suit your specific requirements. 

Are you ready to conserve water and save money? Call us at 08 8444 8100 and let know how we can help you!


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