Reclaimed Wastewater Has Many Benefits

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image shows sprinkler head watering flowers with reclaimed wastewaterThe use of reclaimed wastewater, also known as recycled or treated wastewater, can offer several benefits in South Australia. As a region that faces water scarcity and is focused on sustainable water management, reclaimed wastewater plays a vital role in addressing various challenges. Here are some benefits of using reclaimed wastewater: 

  • Water Conservation:
    • Reduces the demand on traditional water sources, helping to conserve precious freshwater resources. 
  • Drought Resilience:
    • Provides an additional and reliable water source, enhancing drought resilience for agriculture, industry, and communities that might face water shortages during dry periods.
  • Agricultural Irrigation:
    • Can be used for irrigation in agriculture, reducing the reliance on potable water for crop irrigation. This practice contributes to sustainable farming practices and ensures food security.
  • Industrial Processes:
    • Industries can use reclaimed wastewater for various processes, such as cooling systems, manufacturing, and other non-potable water needs. This helps businesses reduce their reliance on freshwater and promotes more sustainable water usage.
  • Reduced Discharge to Natural Water Bodies:
    • By treating and reusing wastewater, less treated effluent is discharged into rivers and other natural water bodies. This reduces the environmental impact associated with the release of treated wastewater, minimising potential harm to aquatic ecosystems.
  • Environmental Protection:
    • When properly treated, can have lower nutrient levels than untreated wastewater. This reduces the risk of nutrient runoff and associated environmental issues such as algal blooms in rivers and estuaries.
  • Cost Savings:
    • Using reclaimed wastewater for non-potable purposes can lead to cost savings for municipalities, businesses, and agricultural operations. It often requires less treatment compared to bringing freshwater to the necessary quality standards.

Most homes in South Australia use potable (drinking) water for all household needs. What a waste! We can literally treat the wastewater produced in your home (including your toilets) to be clean enough to irrigate your garden. So you don’t have to use potable water for every household task. 


The Ri-Treat EP10 and Ri-Treat EP33 reclaim wastewater by recycling and reusing water from homes and buildings. Learn more about our Ri-Treat products and call us at 8444 8100.

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