Septic Tanks, Rainwater Tanks and Waste Water Treatment

Ri-Industries has the largest range of septic tanks and related products in South Australia.

  • Building in a non-sewered area or a common effluent area?
  • Want to upgrade your existing septic in an existing home?
  • Need access to greater amounts of water?
  • Want to recycle more water?

Then Ri-Industries can help. Our wastewater, septic and rainwater tanks are reliable, offer excellent value for money, are positive for our environment and built to last.

We will work closely with your plumber to ensure you get exactly the right system you need. There are many factors to consider such as the regulations set out by the Environmental Health Department and your Local Council Health Inspector.

Our knowledgeable sales team will take you through the process from start to finish. From selecting the right product through to installation and maintenance our high levels of customer service will make buying a tank a pain-free process.


We work with all of the major plumbers in South Australia. We offer flexible deliveries to fit in with your schedules, competitive pricing, easy installation and maintenance. Our sales team are extremely knowledgeable and are on-hand for any queries you may have.

The quality of our products is second-to-none. One plumber that we work with regularly said: “I find it staggering that out of over 600 tanks purchased from Ri-Industries I haven’t received a single complaint. Their products are the best in South Australia.” You can be confident that once one of our tanks is installed, providing it is properly maintained, it will provide worry-free use for your customers.