FujiClean – Waste Water Treatment System

FujiClean Fibreglass Tanks

fujiFibreglass domestic wastewater treatment systems from FujiClean offer an affordable, reliable option for homeowners needing a smaller wastewater treatment systems Adelaide, or where site access is difficult.

Just like our proven Ri-Treat system, FujiClean’s wastewater treatment system efficiently converts household wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry into safe, clean water for re-use around your garden.

These fibreglass tanks are a lightweight alternative to our Ri-Treat concrete tanks, and offer the following advantages:

  • Proven design and high performance
  • Simple maintenance and high energy efficiency
  • An environmentally friendly design, resulting in lower operational cost
  • Ease of installation in locations where access is difficult or limited
  • A warranty of 15 years for tanks and 2 years for electrical components.

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