Our Ri-Scape septic tanks offer a great alternative when building in a smaller area. Normally, when installing a septic tank requiring a pump chamber, two holes must be created: one for the tank and one for the pump chamber. The beauty of the Ri-Scape is that the overall excavation is smaller and is an all-in-one unit with the pump chamber already incorporated into the tank. This means that only one hole is required. This is great news for people building in smaller areas but also if you live in areas where pump chambers are prone to leaking due to land movement, like along the River Murray. There is no chance of the Ri-Scape leaking.

They offer the following benefits:

  • AS/NZS 1546.1 approved as an advanced baffled septic tank
  • OHS – Lightweight lockable poly-resin access hatch (weighs less than 5kg)
  • Single tank installation, additional pump chamber not required, less excavation, ideal for small allotments
  • Outlet filter – AS/NZS 1547 compliant stainless steel outlet filter
  • Easy access to all chambers , pump and filter
  • Premium quality – manufacturers structural warranty
  • Easier maintenance – unlike other waste water treatment systems, the Ri-Scape does not need servicing every quarter.

We offer two models of the Ri-Scape tank: 3,300 litre and 4,000 litre


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