Septic Tanks

Concrete Septic Tanks

At Ri-Industries, we deliver on quality every time. Whether it’s our concrete rainwater tanks, wastewater treatment systems, or concrete septic tanks, we only produce the best. With a focus on building products to last, even our replacement concrete septic tank lids are engineered to perfection.

A septic tank from Ri-Industries delivers many benefits:

  • Engineer-designed and built from fine tolerance steel moulds
  • All horizontal tanks engineered to a maximum depth of 900mm
  • Manufactured from 40 MPa concrete to give additional strength and durability
  • Internally, all joints are sealed, reducing the potential for leakages
  • Available in several different sizes, for maximum flexibility
  • Child-proof and vandal-proof concrete lids on our septic tanks give you additional peace of mind – also available as stand-alone replacement lids
Experience backed concrete septic tank design

With over 75 years of experience in the septic tank business in Adelaide, South Australia, Ri-Industries has developed efficient manufacturing techniques to produce concrete septic tanks and septic tank lids of the highest quality that are built to last.

General information

Installation and design of septic systems are regulated by the Health Department in each state. Local Council Health Inspectors will have relevant area specific information. Contact your local Council for a copy of these specifications.

The exact nature of your septic tank will need to be in line with your States’ regulations, but no matter where you are, we have a range of concrete septic tanks and replacement concrete septic tank lids to suit your needs.

For more information on how we can help you, whether it’s a septic tank installation, or just supplying a concrete lid, contact us here. Our friendly team is here to help you!