How it works

waster water treatment angel parkThe Ri-Treat system separates and digests solid wastes and uses natural processes to purify waste water. This odourless, clean, disinfected water is then recycled through to your land application area.
  1. All waste water and effluent is gravity-fed into primary sewage chambers where it undergoes settlement and digestion for a minimum of 24 hours.
  2. Settled waste water then flows into aeration chambers where air is pumped through in fine bubbles, providing the distribution of air and turbulence required for effective treatment.
  3. Turbulence causes liquids to travel in a circular motion through the bio filter medium which encourages biomass growth. The biomass assimilates nutrients and oxygen from the water, leading to a reduction of impurities as the effluent passes through the system.
  4. Effluent and sludge then pass into the settlement chamber, where the sludge settles to the bottom before being returned to the primary chambers, along with the scum which floats in the settlement chamber.
  5. Settled effluent passes through the chlorinator into the irrigation chamber where it is held for irrigation or other means of disposal.

After being treated in our underground water tanks, household waste water from the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry can be re-used to irrigate your garden.