Most plumbers and drain layers in South Australia are familiar with the Ri-Treat waste water treatment system. Contact us for a list of plumbers and drain layers in your area.

We have a detailed Electrical Installation and Circuit diagram for your electrician – please see our Installation manual for details.

Important installation notes:
  • The Ri-Treat EP33 must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor.
  • The tanks must be level when installed.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that excavated material does not fall onto the lid of the tanks, as material may fall into the tanks, clogging the diffusers and irrigation pump.
  • The inlet connection is a standard 100mm sewer pipe. The connections between the tanks are 100mm and 40mm. We recommend joining the tanks with a flexible joiner (joiner not supplied).
  • The electrical connections are 240 volt for pumps and 12 volt for the alarm panel.
  • Backfill around the tanks with gravel or excavated material / good soil. Complete the backfilling with approved granular material such as sand compacted in 150mm layers to a 90% maximum dry density in accordance with AS 3798. Backfilling should be raised evenly around the tanks with a maximum backfill height differential of 400mm at any time. The lids of the three tanks must sit above ground level at the seal. Rock must not be used as backfill.
  • Tanks to be completely filled with clean water to the operating level.
  • If the tanks are not filled with water they could hydraulically lift out of the ground in wet conditions.
  • Please refer to the warranty details.
Chain of Responsibility

Ri-Industries takes our involvement in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ very seriously, ensuring that we comply with the compliance and enforcement (C&E) legislation in relation to potential road safety breaches. We exercise due care and take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of road safety law, and we expect our business partners to do the same. This includes ‘third party transport’ collection of goods from our premises. All transport providers collecting goods from our premises will be required to prove compliance or provide details of the relevant person within the business that we are able to contact for compliance details. This ensures all parties within the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ are protected via the reasonable steps defence measure.