We are extremely confident in our products, and offer extensive warranties:

Tanks – Manufacturer’s Warranty
Air and submersible pumps – 2 years*

*The irrigation pump warranty has been extended from the manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty because of the high quality effluent being passed through the system. The air pump normally runs 24 hours per day and uses approximately 68 watts of power per hour.

The warranty will be void based on failing to install and maintain/operate unit as per the manufacturer’s requirements. For example:

  • Tank is not installed in strict accordance with the Ri-Industries Installation and Maintenance Manual for the Ri-Treat EP33
  • Structural modifications in any form
  • Aerobic unit is not serviced in accordance with SA Health guidelines for owner/operating an onsite wastewater system and in accordance with manufacturers’ specified requirements
  • Failure to undertake servicing and repairs by an approved SA Health servicing contractor and failure to maintain records for all services and repairs
  • Owner/operator overloads the system by failing to meet all guidelines as specified in the General Information section of the Ri-Industries Owner/Operator Operational Manual for the Ri-Treat EP33
  • Owner/operators use of unsuitable cleaning products as specified in the Ri-Industries Owner/Operator Operational Manual
  • Damage caused to the unit from external forces such as but not limited to mother nature storm/fire/flood or planting proximity to tank
  • Failure to ensure full details are passed over at the transfer of ownership and/or development of land.