Save Money with Rainwater Harvesting

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People often say that they would eat healthier or buy organic groceries if they didn’t cost more. They would replace older appliances with energy efficient models, if they could afford it. Wouldn’t it be great if doing something healthy and good for the environment could save you money? Ri Industries has a suggestion for you. Rainwater harvesting. 

Rainwater harvesting is simply the process of collecting rainwater and storing it for human use. Guess what? Rainwater is FREE! Once you have a rainwater tank installed you begin saving money on your water bill each and every month. Plus, using harvested rainwater means using less water from the mains thereby you will be helping the water conservation efforts. 

Did you know that stormwater can actually damage creeks and water habitats? It’s true. Rainwater harvesting can actually help protect against significant damage. 

Rainwater can be used to flush toilets, do laundry, water the garden, wash cars, and more. Using rainwater in and around your home can largely reduce the amount of water that you use. 

Ri Industries offers concrete rainwater tanks that can be installed above or below the ground. Their design makes them basically maintenance free. Call us to learn more, 08 8444 8100.

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