Septic Tank FAQ’s

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Ri Industries Septic Tank FAQ's

Maintaining a residence or commercial building is a big expense and takes a lot of time. We expect to routinely dust, vacuum, wash floors, garden, and more. Then there are items that we assume are working in the background and will be there for us when we want them: such as electricity and plumbing. Septic tanks fall into that category. We hope once they are installed, they will reliably do their job as we ignore it and go on with our daily lives. The good news is that can almost be true. With some knowledge and maintenance, your septic tank should serve you well with little effort on your part. Ri Industries has collected some of the frequently asked questions by our customers so we can share the helpful answers to keep your septic tank running smoothly.

How often should my septic tank be pumped?

For an average family of 4-6 people your septic tank may have to be de-sludged (pumped out) approximately every 4 years as required by regulations.

Are there materials we should avoid putting in the septic tank?

Septic tanks do not like materials that will not break down e.g. plastic bags, tampons, disposable nappies, condoms, etc. Use biodegradable products whenever possible.

What cleaning products are safe for the septic tank?

The bacterial action of your septic tank can be severely inhibited if excessive amounts of disinfectants are used. Only use products approved for use in septic systems.

Is it safe to flush medicines?

As with certain cleaning products, excessive amounts of medicine can inhibit the bacterial action of the septic tank. It is best not to flush medicines.

I noticed some pooling around the area of the septic tank. What does this mean?

Pooling of effluent near your seepage trench will give you a warning that the system may be clogging up.

With just a little bit of care and maintenance, your septic tank will be one of the items in your home that requires little action on your part. To learn more or ask questions, call Ri Industries on 08 8444 8100.


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