How it Works

The Ri-Cycle wastewater treatment system separates and digests solid wastes and uses natural processes to purify wastewater. This odourless, clean, disinfected water is then recycled for irrigation.

The functions of the tank is as follows:

Primary Tank:

The Primary Tank is arranged as a septic tank with an anaerobic chamber, designed to accumulate sludge and surface scum in accordance with Department of Health requirements. Anaerobic digestion and breakdown of organic solids occur in this stage.

Secondary Tank:

The Secondary Tank is arranged with continuous air supply delivered through fine bubble diffusers set out in the base of the tank. A bio filter media is above the diffusers. The combination of the required level of oxygen and very high surface area of the bio filter allow for the rapid growth of aerobic bacteria and enables very efficient bacterial breakdown of the remaining organic material, both insoluble and soluble.

To further assist the secondary process the air pumped into this tank is directed in such a way as to ensure a turbulence pattern which maintain solids in suspension and also allows a cleaning action for maximum efficiency of the bio filter media.

Clarifier Tank:

The Clarifier Tank is arranged for effluent clarification and sludge settlement. The Clarifier is designed to trap the bulk of settle-able solids as they are delivered and ensure that the accumulated material is kept adjacent to the sludge pickup for transfer back to the Primary Tank. This allows for sludge recycle and improves the performance of the Primary Tank. In addition a surface skimmer removes any floating scum which is also returned to the Primary Tank.

Pump Out Chamber:

This is located in the Clarifier Tank and is arranged to receive clear treated water from the Clarifier, which flows through to the Pump Out Chamber where it is chlorinated by a peristaltic dosing pump.

The retention time in the Pump Out Chamber is designed to allow sufficient time for the chlorine to achieve the required contact period.

Treated and disinfected water will accumulate in the Pump Out Chamber until the pump switch is activated, usually at between 300 – 350 litres.

Irrigation System:

The Ri-Cycle commercial wastewater treatment system includes an irrigation system in kit form, comprising 150- 200m of 25mm diameter poly pipe and 40 sprays. The area that can be irrigated depends on the model and basic irrigation provided as per individual design criteria.

EP20 – this system is designed to cover an area of approximately 700m2.
EP30 – this system is designed to cover an area of approximately 1,000m2.
EP40 – this system is designed to cover an area of approximately 1,350m2.