Polytrench plastic effluent trench

The plumber’s choice for septic tank or stormwater drainage in unserviced areas

  • A simple, economical and fast way to lay effluent trench
  • Premium grade high density polypropylene with UV filter injected to give high impact strength
  • Lapping joint
  • Specially designed slots on either side allow the water to penetrate into the surroundings but retain the settled sludge within the Polytrench, ensuring longer life
  • End caps available

General installation information

  1. Check with your relevant Health Department before starting to lay Polytrench. On a level contour excavate a trench to the required length, 1,200mm wide and to the required depth below the end of the septic tank outlet pipe. Ensure that the trench bottom is level.
  2. Lay the interconnecting units centrally in the excavation (fit moulded end caps to the end of each run).
  3. Connect the tank outlet pipe into the top of the first piece of Polytrench.
  4. Backfill with 40mm aggregate to the top of the Polytrench ensuring that there are 300mm of aggregate on either side of the units.
  5. Cover the aggregate and the Polytrench with trench fabric/geotextile.
  6. Backfill with suitable material.
Polytrench Code Type Height (mm) Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
 Polytrench plastic effluent trench SEPPOL101 Horizontal  330H 1000L  450W