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    Superior Quality

    Ri-Industries has been manufacturing septic tanks since 1947. Our tanks are built to last and are of the highest quality. We work with many of South Australia’s plumbers who buy and install our products. In our latest customer feedback survey, our products were rated 4.9 out of 5 for quality.

    A septic tank from Ri-Industries delivers many benefits:

    • Engineer-designed and built from fine tolerance steel moulds
    • All horizontal tanks engineered to a maximum depth of 900mm
    • Manufactured from 40 MPa concrete to give additional strength and durability
    • Internally, all joints are sealed, reducing the potential for leakages
    • Available in several different sizes, for maximum flexibility
    • Child-proof and vandal-proof concrete lids on our septic tanks give you additional peace of mind – also available as stand-alone replacement lids

    We offer several different sizes of septic tanks. Depending on the location of your septic tank and how many people are in your household, we have a septic tank to suit your requirements.

    Ri-Scape Septic Tanks

    Our Ri-Scape septic tanks offer a great alternative when building in a smaller area. They provide an all-in-one unit with the pump chamber already incorporated into the tank. This means the overall excavation is smaller, requiring only one hole. A Ri-Scape is also useful if you live in an area where pump chambers are prone to leaking due to land movement, such as along the River Murray.  There is no chance of the Ri-Scape leaking.

    Wastewater Treatment Systems


    Reclaim your wastewater by recycling and reusing water around the home and consider purchasing an aerobic wastewater treatment system. The Ri-Treat EP10 is the only SA-manufactured secondary treatment system that’s been tested, certified and approved to the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1546.3:2017) for South Australian conditions. The design of the Ri-Treat systems are unique to Ri-Industries and we offer extensive warranties.


    Just like our proven Ri-Treat system, FujiClean’s wastewater treatment system efficiently converts household wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry into safe, clean water for re-use around your garden. Fibreglass domestic wastewater treatment systems from FujiClean offer an affordable, reliable option for homeowners needing a smaller wastewater treatment systems Adelaide, or where site access is difficult.

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