Natural Products for Cleaning Your Home

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

There is an old saying that goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Ri-Industries believes that lemons can be used for much more. That’s because lemons are just one of many natural products that you can use to clean your home.

Natural cleaning products such as lemon juice are especially useful to the owner of a Ri-Industries septic tank because they are not as harsh or harmful to the environment as many brand name chemical products.

What are some of these products, and where do they work? We have compiled a list of some commonly used natural cleaning products, and the places they work best.

Product #1: Lemons

In Your Bathroom: Use lemon juice to dissolve hard water deposits and soap scum.

In Your Kitchen: Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut section. Use the lemon half to scrub dishes, surfaces and stains.

In Your Living Room: Mix 1 cup olive oil with ½ cup lemon juice, and use it as hardwood furniture polish.

Beware: While lemon juice may be easy on your Ri-Industries septic tank or your Ri-Treat wastewater treatment system, keep in mind that it can also act as a natural bleach. Before you go all natural, test your lemon juice remedy on a place that is out of sight.

Product #2: Vinegar

In Your Bathroom: Flush the toilet to allow the water level to go down before pouring the undiluted vinegar around the inside of the rim, and scrub down the bowl. Mop the bathroom floor with a water/vinegar solution.

In Your Kitchen: Clean the top of your stove with equal parts water and vinegar. You can also do the same for most surfaces in your kitchen. Vinegar will keep your countertops and floors sparkling clean, and has the added benefit of acting as a natural deodoriser.

In Your Laundry: Adding ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle can act in the place of store-bought fabric softener. Vinegar breaks down laundry detergent more effectively, leading to less harmful grey water, and can also be used to clean out the washing machine.

Beware: Improperly diluted vinegar can eat away at tile grout, and should never be used on marble surfaces. However, if you’re worried about your home smelling like vinegar, have no fear; the vinegar smell vanishes almost as quickly as it cleans.

Product #3: Baking Soda

In Your Kitchen: Put a box of baking soda in your refrigerator or freezer to absorb the frozen food smell.

Anywhere That Smells: Like vinegar, baking soda is a phenomenal natural deodoriser.

Anywhere in the Home: Use baking soda in a mixture with lemon juice and vinegar to make a cleaning paste, and scrub surfaces anywhere in your home.

We hope you found our tips to be helpful for keeping your home clean. By using natural cleaning products, not only will your house smell and look great, you will be helping the environment as well.