Preparing Septic Systems for Winter

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The chill in the night air is a reminder for us to prepare for the cooler months ahead. While you close your pool, protect your plants/gardens, and pull out some jumpers from the wardrobe, don’t forget about your septic tank system! Preparing your septic system for the colder months of winter can save expense and hassle.

First of all, keep up with regular inspections and maintenance of your septic system. Winter is not the time to find your pump isn’t working properly, the tank lid is broken, or the pipes are leaking.

If the septic tank cover is broken (and you can’t get it repaired) it is a good idea to put a layer of mulch on top of the septic system. There are resident anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank that break down the solid waste materials and treat the raw wastewater that your household produces. The heat maintains a high level of metabolism among the bacteria. So it’s important to have a good cover.  If your septic tank lid is broken (and you have a tank from Ri-Industries), we sell replacement lids so please call us on 8444 8100 to order.

Make sure there is no accumulated sludge in the septic tank, by keeping up with your septic tank maintenance and pump-out schedule.

Regular use of the septic system is important to keep things moving properly. Normal, everyday household use is typically sufficient. If you plan on being away during the winter months, arrange for someone to stop by and make sure your septic system gets some use.

Regular inspection, maintenance, and a bit of care should keep your septic system working smoothly throughout the cooler months. Have questions or want to learn more? Give Ri-Industries a call at 08 8444 8100.



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