4 Reasons to Pump Your Septic Tank

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

Most people do not enjoy doing chores. But sometimes, the least appealing activity can turn out to be the most necessary.

The team at Ri-Industries does not want to be a “pump grump,” but there are many reasons that you should get out there at least once a year to clean out your septic tank. We have compiled a list that will hopefully motivate you to get your septic system chores done.

So, why exactly is it important to pump out your septic tank on a regular basis?

Reason 1: Even your septic tank deserves a long, healthy life

Ri-Industries strives for excellence, with engineering experience that spans 60 years and extended 10 to 15 year warranties for our products. Pumping your septic tank at least every four to five years will help ensure the longevity of your tank, perhaps even beyond warranty.

Reason 2: It is important to be a good neighbour

No matter how friendly you may be with your neighbours, they will not be pleased with the smell if you let your septic tank fall into neglect and overflow. The last thing Ri-Industries wants is for you to be known as “the neighbor who smells like poo.” Keep your family and community happy and healthy by ensuring that your tank does not overflow.

Reason 3: You can save money

The cost and effort of getting your Ri-Industries septic tank pumped is minimal, while a failing or improperly maintained septic system may result in costly damage. By pumping your Ri-Industries septic tank regularly, you can maintain the value of your property, and save expenditures on repairs.

Reason 4: Satisfaction

Once you pump your tank, the job is done. It is as simple as that! Pumping your tank at least once every four to five years is an easy way to feel accomplished about maintaining a happy and healthy household.

Now that we have told you why it is important to maintain your septic tank, you might be wondering just how to maintain it. If you have any questions about how to maintain your septic tank, Ri-Industries is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us with thoughts and questions at [email protected] / 08 8444 810, or through our Contact Us page.