3 Steps to a Healthy Septic

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

In order to make sure that you are healthy, it is important to visit the doctor for a check-up from time to time.

But what ensures the health of your septic tank? Believe it or not, a healthy septic starts with you.

Here are the steps you should take to make sure your septic tank is healthy:

Step 1: Know the Signs

Just as a cough and a fever are signs of illness, your septic tank can exhibit certain signs that it might be time for repair. What are those signs that every responsible septic tank owner should know?

Something smells funny- you know your septic tank is sickly if the air around it smells – usually like rotten egg gas.

Something is damp- things are probably not working properly if the ground around your septic tank is damp or soggy, or pools form downhill.

There is unusual grass growing- it might be time to contact a professional if you see dark green grass growing on or around the absorption area of your septic tank.

Your flush is ineffective- a sure sign of a broken septic is when your toilet or drains are slow to clear, or keep backing up.

Step 2:.Pay Attention

If your septic tank has not been checked for more than 12 months, you may start to experience the smelly, damp, and slimy problems that come along with a malfunctioning septic. The most common cause of septic problems is when septic tank owners forget to pump out the septic every 3-5 years.

Step 3: Call in the Experts

Although you can play septic tank doctor now and then, it is also important to call in professionals when the going gets tough. If you see any signs of a sickly septic, you should act quickly so that the damage, and the cost of repair, does not get any worse.

Here’s who to call if you are experiencing any of these problems:

1) Your council environmental health officer– if in doubt, call for advice. Often a phone call to the council will either solve the problem or put your mind at rest.

2) A plumber, septic system expert or septic pumper –Plumbers, pumpers, and experts can be found under Septic Tank Cleaning Services in the Yellow Pages or Google search.

3) Ri-Industries– Do you have any questions about your septic? As always, do not hesitate to contact us.