Reduce Water Use in the Garden

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

Did you know that an average Australian household will use 40% of its water in the garden? This makes the garden a prime location for water saving techniques. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Install a dripper system and only water during the permitted hours.
  • Use mulch to prevent water loss through evaporation and prevent soil erosion.
  • Plant your garden in watering zones. Group plants that require large amounts of water together to reduce your water use.
  • Choose a drought-resistant lawn.
  • Don’t over water your lawn – train it to use less water by encouraging the roots to grow deeper. Let grass grow longer in the summer months which will shade the soil surface and reduce evaporation loss.
  • Don’t water during windy weather – water will blow away from where it’s needed most.
  • Instead of hosing, use a broom or rake to clean paths, paved areas and patios.

Our Ri-Treat Waste Water Treatment System is another tool that will help with water use. By using this system, the waste water from your home will be treated and made usable for the garden. Call us to learn about all of our products on 08 8444 8100 and start saving water!