The Benefits of the Ri-Scape Septic Tank

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

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When thinking about home improvements, most people will focus on painting, furnishings, landscaping and more. These are fun projects to dive into with beautiful results to enjoy. One necessity for your home, although it may be one you would prefer not to think about, is a septic tank. A properly functioning septic tank is crucial to enjoying all of those home improvements you worked so hard to complete.

 Ri-Industries has some good news to share. The recently introduced Ri-Scape septic tank eliminates many concerns homeowners have when installing septic tanks. Normally, when installing septic tanks, two holes must be built, one for the tank and one for the pump chamber. The beauty of the RI-Scape is that it is smaller than typical septic tanks and is an all-in-one unit with the pump chamber already incorporated into the tank. This means that only one hole is required. This is great news for people building in smaller areas but also if they live in areas – like along the River Murrary – where pipes connecting the tanks and the pump chambers are prone to break and link, due to land movement. There is also no chance of the Ri-Scape leaking.

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