Tips for Planting Around a Septic Tank

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Do you feel that? That’s the sun shining down and warming us up after a cold winter. And sunshine and warmth mean it’s time to start thinking about gardening. For those of us with septic tanks, that means thinking about the plants around your septic tank. How do you know where to plant and what to plant around your septic tank? That’s simple, you ask the experts at Ri-Industries for some tips.

Tip #1: No thirsty plants or trees with deep roots. The root system of water-loving shrubs can become entangled in the pipes of your septic system if planted too close to your drainage field and cause problematic clogging. The root system provides a tree’s primary way of absorbing water, and those roots will extend toward the most abundant source of water in your yard. This means that if a tree is planted too close to a septic system, its roots will grow in the direction of the wet drainage field around it.

Tip #2: It is NEVER safe to plant fruits and vegetables over the septic tank! Eating them might entail ingesting harmful bacteria and you certainly do not want to take that risk.

Tip #3: There is no reason to leave the ground above the septic tank bare. In fact, it is actually advisable to plant the right kind of vegetation to help prevent erosion. Perennials, annuals, and grasses have shallow roots and are good choices to cover the septic tank area. Willow Myrtle trees, Swamp Oak trees, River Red Gum trees, Papyrus shrubs, and Oleander shrubs make particularly good choices to plant near the septic tank.

Septic tanks are not only costly to install, but they provide a very necessary function for your home. It is in your best interest to take heed when planning the landscaping above and around the septic tank to avoid damage, costly repairs, and the extreme inconvenience that accompanies a non-working septic tank.

Ri-Industries produces concrete septic tanks and septic tank lids of the highest quality that are built to last. A septic tank from Ri-Industries delivers many benefits:

  • Engineer-designed and built from fine tolerance steel moulds
  • All horizontal tanks engineered to a maximum depth of 900mm
  • Manufactured from 40 MPa concrete to give additional strength and durability
  • Internally, all joints are sealed, reducing the potential for leakages
  • Available in 14 different sizes, for maximum flexibility
  • Child-proof and vandal-proof concrete lids on our septic tanks give you additional peace of mind – also available as stand-alone replacement lids

For more information, please call 08 8444 8100.

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