4 Unique Uses for Precast Concrete Tanks

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

RI industries is well known for its precast concrete tanks used for waste water treatment systems, septic systems, and concrete rain water tanks, but there are other uses for a precast concrete tank.

Here are 4 unique ways to use a precast concrete tank:

1. Storage

A precast concrete tank is an excellent choice for your underground or above-ground storage needs. Whether you want storage space for water, grain and recycling materials, the sturdiness and durability of precast concrete is a sure bet. Also, concrete tanks are ideal to store anything you don’t want to lose in a fire.

2. Shelter

Homeowners, particularly in storm-heavy areas, will benefit from a concrete shelter that can provide a dry, safe haven to weather any storm.

3. Sculpture Base 

Precast concrete tanks are a strong base for sculptures and signs. The concrete is typically stained to compliment the sculpture that will utilise the base space. Also, precast concrete tanks are often used to create an aesthetically pleasing entrance sign in shopping malls, restaurants, churches, neighborhoods and more!

4. Plunge Pool

Plunge right into your own precast concrete pool. Compact and economic plunge pools can be used 365 days a year and decorated with tiles to compliment any outdoor garden space. These pools are easy to heat and maintain.

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