Benefits of a Ri Industries Trade Waste Arrestor

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, and you certainly should be, you know that we talk a lot about water conservation and our residential products. Here at Ri Industries we believe in helping our local businesses with their waste needs, known as Trade Waste, as well.

Consider the amount of waste produced in an industrial setting. The sheer magnitude can be enough to frighten any septic system, but the contents of the waste may be the real scare factor. What materials are being returned to our soil?

Have you ever spent any time in a hair salon? Have you smelled the chemicals used on hair and nails? Yup, those get washed down the drain and if not properly treated, returned to the soil.

It’s not just hair salons we need to be concerned about. Petrol stations, service stations, dry cleaners, commercial vehicle washing, and so many more will pollute our area if their waste is not properly treated.


That’s where Ri Industries comes in! Our trade waste arrestors offers a number of benefits:

  • Made from precast concrete with a strength of 50 MPa at 28 days.
  • A number of different trade waste arrestors are available including silt, grease and detention tanks.
  • All inlets suit HDPE pipes for easier connection.
  • Gas-tight lids set in precast concrete can also be supplied, as well as extension risers.
  • Increments and trafficable, gas-tight, heavy duty cast iron/concrete covers are available.
  • Units are lowered into the excavation site providing the site is level, firm and accessible.
  • All units are SA Water approved.

Now, wouldn’t you feel better if you knew the local businesses near you had a Ri Industries Trade Waste Arrestor installed? More information can be found on our website, but speaking directly with us is always best. Give us a call at 08 8444 8100.

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