Keep the Septic Tank Flowing Smoothly During the Holidays

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Happy Holidays! (nearly)

Despite the changing rules about COVID and travel, it seems many people are opting to stay within the borders of South Australia for the holidays. Opening your home to friends and family means extra work for the septic system. In the spirit of best wishes for happy holidays, Ri-Industries offers the following tips to help keep the septic tank flowing smoothly in your home.

  • Limit water use by planning ahead. Don’t do laundry on the same days your house will be full of guests. When guests are arriving in the afternoon or evening, ask family members to shower early in the day. Wash dishes before guests arrive. Prepare as much of the food as possible before the guests arrive. Septic systems can only handle so much water at one time therefore spreading out the water use gives the system time to work.
  • Don’t use the garbage disposal! Yes, there are still homes in South Australia with garbage disposals and yes, they can make clean-up a bit easier. But, they can also tax the septic system. Make sure anything caught in your strainer goes directly in the garbage – not your septic tank.
  • Toilet paper and human waste. That’s all. Nothing else should be flushed down the toilets. Be sure your family members and your guests are aware of this rule. All other items such as feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cleaning products, cigarette butts and other items should be thrown in the bin. This will help prevent those items from getting into your septic tank and causing a blockage.
  • Plan when to water the lawn. Since the septic system can only handle a certain amount of water at one time, plan to water the lawn on a day when you won’t be having guests. This goes for car washing and any other water use too. 
  • Pump it out. Don’t wait for a problem to occur, especially when you’re entertaining! Be proactive and have your system pumped before the holidays if you’re due.

From our families to yours, we wish you happy, healthy, and peaceful holidays!

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