Tips for Planting Over Septic Drain Fields

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Will your spring gardening include planting over the septic drain field? If so, Ri-Industries has the following tips for you:

  • Choose plants with roots that won’t extend past 1m deep. Flowers, hedges, and grasses with more shallow roots will avoid affecting the pipes or the septic tank. They also assist absorption trenches and purify the effluent before it enters the environment.
  • Grass is an effective option for planting directly above the drain field. Grass over the drain field holds the soil in place and helps the absorption of nutrients, prevents soil erosion and ensures the proper functioning of the septic system.
  • Climbers, shrubs, and shallow rooted plants work well in the surrounding area, but not directly above the drain field. 
  • DO NOT plant fruits or vegetables directly over the drain field. They can become infected by bacteria and will be dangerous to consume.
  • Avoid planting fast growing trees on or surrounding the drain field. In fact, avoid planting trees in the area altogether. When searching for moisture, the roots can extend deep underground and in turn can cause damage to the pipes and septic system.
  • Plants that require less water make good choices. 
  • The area around the septic system can be salty from detergents, fabric softeners, and household effluent, so choose plants that thrive in a salty environment.
  • It’s important to wear gloves when planting on or around the drain field as the soil can have bacteria in it. 
  • Be careful when tilling the soil to avoid damaging the pipes. 

Here are some suggestions of good choices to plant near the septic system:

  • Shrubs – Oleander, Papyrus, Umbrella Grass, Swamp Mahogany
  • Climbers – Purple Coral Pea, Snake Vine, Common Jasmine, Passion Flower
  • Ground Covers –  Shasta Daisy, Marguerite Daisy, Black Eyed Susan, Bog Salvia

We’d love to hear some of your gardening tips especially for planting over septic drain field!  Please share in the comments, or head to our Facebook page and leave us a post. 

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