Tips to Conserve Pool Water

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

Whew! It’s hot outside and nothing would feel better than a dip in the cool water of your pool. Go ahead. No need to feel guilty about “wasting” water. Ri Industries understands the importance of conserving water in South Australia, but there are ways to enjoy yourself and conserve pool water.

There are a number of effective ways to conserve water in the pool and spa:

  • What goes in does NOT have to come back out. Once the pool is filled do what you can to keep the water in the pool. Discourage splash fights, especially with people on the pool deck. Cannonballs may be fun, but their large splash typically sends water out of the pool. Fill squirts guns from the tap and not the pool.
  • Reduce evaporation by covering the pool during the highest evaporation times, early evening.
  • Reduce backwash from the filter. If you can, install a cartridge filter which does not require backwashing.

You work hard and deserve to enjoy your pool and/or spa. With a few adjustments, you can keep more water in the pool and help South Australia conserve water. For more information on our rainwater tanks, please call 08 8444 8100.