How to Water Your Garden With Water Collected in a Rainwater Tank

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Before we discuss how to water your garden with water collected in a rainwater tank, let’s discuss why you might want to use rainwater.

First, rainwater harvesting reduces pollution. When rain falls, oil, pesticides, animal waste and fertilisers from lawns, footpaths, driveways, and streets get washed into our sewers which then overflow into rivers and estuaries. By harvesting rainwater, we eliminate those possible contaminants joining the water. Harvested rainwater is also free of salts, pollutants, and chlorine that are found in ground and surface water.

Second, harvested rainwater reduces demand on our water supplies. This is especially important during the summer months and times of drought.

Now that you have decided to harvest rainwater, how do you actually capture the water? We recommend installing a Ri-Industries Concrete Rainwater Tank. Our underground concrete rainwater tanks offer a number of advantages:

  • The water stays cooler.
  • No algae develops.
  • The water has no after-taste.
  • They are vandal-proof and fire-proof.
  • Being underground means they are out of sight and don’t take up much of your valuable real estate.
  • Concrete is stronger and more durable than plastic, steel or fibre glass.
  • Once the rainwater tank has been installed, you will need to move water from the tank to your garden. The best way to do this is with a pump.
  • Pump systems can be submerged underground or they can be free standing. They can provide enough pressure that the water flows similarly to mains water. You can also install a mains switch-over device to switch from rainwater to mains use when the rainwater runs out.

Another option to consider is having a header tank. This is a great option to use with underground tanks. The header tank will be placed at a higher level than the storage tank. A low-powered pump will transfer the water from the rainwater tank to the header tank, then you can use a gravity fed method to release the water. You can fit a garden tap near to the bottom of the header tank and use a soaker hose to transfer the water out of the tank, using gravity.

Watering your garden with harvested water is a great way to help conserve water and eliminate pollutants. Ri-Industries is proud to provide quality concrete rainwater tanks in Adelaide and surrounding areas for your use. Please call us to speak with one of our experts to learn more.

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