Avoid Summer Septic Tank Problems

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Summer is a time to enjoy your beautiful outdoors, entertain guests, and simply …RELAX! Well, there are very few home maintenance issues more stressful and less relaxing than problems with your septic tank. To help avoid any messy issues this summer, Ri-Industries offers these tips for summer septic tank care.

  1. Planning a party or having guests stay with you? That means extra water and waste going through the septic tank. You can help eliminate problems by doing laundry and other heavy water use tasks before guests arrive. If you’re having a big party, consider having your septic tank pumped beforehand.
  2. Which items can be flushed? The answer is very simple – only toilet paper and human waste! Be sure your guests understand this. A helpful sign placed above the toilet may help prevent costly repairs. Common items that cause septic tank problems are:
    *Cat litter
    *Grease and oils
    *Cotton swabs
    *Dental floss
    *Disposable wipes
    *Feminine hygiene products
    *Cigarette butts
  3. Kids, and adults love to play with water when the weather is hot, running through sprinklers in particular. These are best sprayed away from the septic field to avoid standing water. Identify a separate part of the garden for this play.
  4. Parking can be challenging when you have a lot of people over. Avoid using your lawn to increase the parking area, especially over the septic field. Also, do not ride dirt bikes or go-karts near your septic tank as these also can cause damage.

With just a little forethought, planning, and education, your summer can be relaxing, enjoyable, and free of septic tank problems. If you have questions about Ri-Industries Septic Tanks, please call 08 8444 8100 and we will be happy to help you. Happy Summer!

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