Septic Tank Safety Precautions

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Septic tanks are vital and necessary to help ensure the health and safety of our family and to ensure our homes work effectively. Ri-Industries has frequently written about the importance of regular maintenance to help keep your septic tank system functionally properly such as in this blog, but it is also important to note possible life saving safety precautions you should take when working on or near the septic tank.


  • Our first tip has been addressed in previous blogs. It relates to having a properly fitting and sturdy septic tank lid which covers the access port to the septic tank. The child-proof and vandal-proof concrete lids on our septic tanks will give you peace of mind. They are also available as stand-alone replacement lids.
  • If there are noxious fumes near the tank, that is a sign it is time for maintenance and you should not work in the area alone in case the fumes become overwhelming. 
  • Be sure all cuts and open wounds are well covered when working on or near the septic tank. Obviously, septic tank systems may contain serious bacterial hazards. 
  • No open flames! The contents of the septic tank can produce methane gas which is highly explosive. It’s best to place your fire pit well away from the septic tank just in case methane gas is expelled.
  • Do not get close to open septic tanks. It is best practice to allow professionals to perform all maintenance and repairs on the tank. When the tank is being worked on and the lid is off, do not lean over the opening. You may fall in, which is not only dangerous but also a very unpleasant experience, and/or the gases could be strong enough to knock you out. Again, passing out from the fumes is bad, passing out and falling into the tanks is seriously dangerous. 
  • If, by chance, you are nearby when someone else falls into the septic tank, DO NOT TRY TO RETRIEVE THEM YOURSELF! Immediately call for help from professionals with the proper equipment to keep them safe. While waiting for the emergency professionals to arrive, you can place fans around the opening to help blow fresh air into the tank. 


When you have a quality septic tank such as the ones provided by Ri-Industries and you hire professionals to maintain and repair the septic tank, there is very little risk of injury to you or your family. However, it’s important to be aware of the above-mentioned safety tips to ensure you take the highest level of safety precautions.


For questions regarding our septic tanks, or if you need to order a new septic tank lid to replace an old one, please call 08 8444 8100 and we will be happy to assist you. 

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