Garden Design Requiring Low Water Maintenance

by Ri Industries Ri Industries

Tending a garden in South Australia can be a challenge due to our dry climate, but it is possible to design a garden to use less water. The following tips come via Hunter Water and can be useful to help you design a dream garden for your home.

  • Construct draining ditches so that they finish in garden beds.
  • Paths and courtyards can be pitched to drain to garden beds
  • Decks, gravel paths and gravel edges to paving can allow water to
    soak into the ground.
  • Minimise lawn areas with paving, paths, decking and garden beds.
  • Minimise the number of pot plants as they dry out quickly and use more water than the same plant in the ground.
  • Minimise evaporation by using trees, fences, garden walls and shade cloth.
  • Mulch is magic for water saving. It reduces moisture loss but also suppresses weeds, maintains soil temperatures and generally improves the soil.
  •  Group similar plants according to their water needs and you will reduce your overall
    watering need.

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