How Do People Spend Their Time on the Toilet?

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People are, by nature, very social beings. We look to spend time with friends and family and feel lonely when we are by ourselves for too long – except when it comes to time spent in the loo. Then, most of us, look to be alone. After all, these are very personal matters we are attending to. But, have you ever wondered exactly what goes on behind those closed toilet doors?

If you have, you are not alone. Plenty of studies have been conducted to determine how we spend our time in the loo. Always looking to keep our customers informed, Ri Industries has compiled a list of some the most interesting findings for your amusement and education.

  • An average person will spend approximately 1 and a half years of their life in the toilet.
  • Men spend more time on the loo than women do.
  • A 2013 study found that 6% of Australians access social networks in the toilet and 7% access social networks in the bathroom.
  • A study conducted by MSN News in 2013 found 59% of men and women admitted to sending texts and 45% to sending emails, nearly a third said they had taken a call and 24% revealed that they have phoned someone whilst on the toilet.
  • 29% of people in the study said it was because they ‘wanted to prevent boredom setting in’ and 12% said that they felt pressure to stay on top of emails and messages, even while in the toilet.
  • 15% of people admitted to having dropped their mobile down the toilet.
  • An American Standard study found 63% of people read books, magazines, and newspapers when in the toilet.
  • 95 percent of people do not wash their hands properly before leaving the bathroom, according to a 2013 study conducted by Michigan State University researchers.
  • 15% of men don’t wash their hands, ever, compared with 7% of women. And of the people who do? Just 50% of men use soap, compared to 78% of women.

So now you know what happens behind those closed doors. We bet you’ll remember those hand washing facts the next time someone reaches to shake your hand!


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