Laundry Tips to Help Your Septic Tank System

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Did you know the way you do laundry can affect your septic system? If you read our article last month, you likely do. We discussed common causes of a failing septic system and heavy water usage is one of the most common causes. So, from Ri-Industries to you, here are some laundry tips to help keep your septic system working properly. 

Be careful of washing clothes that are too dirty for the wash. Yes, you read that right. When items with excess dirt on them (like caked-on mud) are added to the wash load, you risk a build up of dirt/mud which can in turn clog the system and damage the absorption of the drainfield.

Spread out your washing. If you don’t accumulate a lot of laundry during the week (2 loads or less), doing it all in one day may be fine. But, if you’re like most of us, the laundry that piles up in your home all week can be too much to put your septic system through in one day. The loads should be spaced apart to give the settlement process time to properly break down the solid matter. If you don’t, the soakage field could fail which can cause extensive damage. 

The septic system uses ‘good’ bacteria to break down the solids which enter it. Excessive amounts of bleach and detergents will damage the good bacteria. By spacing out the load, you limit the amount of bleach and detergent in the system at one time. Also, choose liquid detergent rather than powder. Powdered detergents use fillers or extenders that can clog the soil in the drainfield and permanently damage its absorption ability. Look for a formula with natural ingredients and that is low in surfactants and phosphates.

Did you know many washing machines come with a lint tray, just like dryers do? And, just like dryers, the lint trays need to be emptied and cleaned. Laundry debris and lint can escape into your pipes causing severe blockages. These substantial backups can break down your septic system, so take this tip seriously.

Following these few tips will help avoid costly repairs to the septic system. Do you have questions about these tips or anything regarding the Ri-Industry septic tanks? If so, please call us at 08 8444 8100.


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