Safe Cleaning Products for Waste Water Treatment System

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An excellent way to conserve water is by reclaiming waste water to recycle and reuse it around the home. The Ri-Treat Waste Water Treatment system is designed and manufactured in South Australia and guaranteed to be of superior quality and is a great choice for your home.

Once installed, you want to be sure to follow the guidelines for proper use. One important consideration is the choice of cleaning products you use in your home as they can have an effect on the waste water treatment system.

The following are suitable cleaners:

  • Vinegar
  •  Bicarbonate of soda
  •  Soap – in the form of washing powder, dishwashing liquid and ordinary body soap
  •  Biodegradable cleaning liquids

Disinfectants should be used sparingly. Bleach, antibacterial solutions or toilet cleaners should NEVER be used.  Should any form of bleach enter the system this will cause the system to work inefficiently. The bleach will kill off all the ‘good bacteria’ and can create an odour from the system. In addition, doing 2 or more loads of washing in a 24 hour period can mean the system will not operate effectively. It is recommended that clothing be washed over a period of time to ensure effective operation of the system.

Ri-Industries is proud to deliver quality products which help residents of South Australia with the important task of conserving water. Please call us, at 08 8444 8100, to learn more about our products.


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