Why Should I Worry About Water Conservation?

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Hearing about water conservation when living in Australia is common. We know there is a shortage and we understand that we should take steps to help conserve it. Taking these steps in our daily life can sometimes be frustrating and it’s easy to ignore the steps “just this once.” Ri Industries provides quality products to help make water conservation as seamless and simple as possible for you and we thought sharing a few facts about why water conservation is so important might help keep you motivated.

  • Water is nature’s most precious resource and it is needed to sustain life. Well, that seems important enough that we could just stop there, but we have more.
  • Since the 1950s, every decade has witnessed more water withdrawals by humans.
  • Water is used commercially, domestically, industrially and for irrigation purposes. It plays a vital role in the life support system.
  • Water levels across the globe are decreasing and there are signs of stress on all water resources.
  • The plants and animals we eat also depend on water. Our food supply is at risk when we waste water.

Conserving water requires efforts from every human being on this planet. We must all make a concerted effort on a daily basis. Ri Industries is proud to offer solutions to help conserve water on our planet. To learn more, please call us at 08 8444 8100.

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