Why Use Pre-Cast Concrete?

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Ri-Industries has been specialists in pre-cast concrete products since 1947. We think that’s impressive! We’re hoping you will think that too, especially once you fully understand what pre-cast concrete is.

Regular concrete, or insitu or site-cast concrete, is poured on site. In contrast, high quality precast concrete is produced in a controlled factory environment using advanced manufacturing techniques. Reusable, reinforceable, and adjustable moulds are used and they are set up per design specifications before the concrete is poured in. Then the concrete is poured, vibrated, and cured. If specified, architectural finishes (such as honing, polishing or staining) may then be applied while still in the factory. From there, the finished pre-cast elements are transported to the site and craned into position.

By manufacturing the concrete in a factory, we are able to do all the pre-checks before products get delivered to site which gives us increased quality control over insitu concrete. Dimensional accuracy, properties of the hardened concrete and position of reinforcement can all be checked before being sent to site.

Pre-cast concrete is extremely versatile. For example, we use it to make septic tanks, waste water treatment systems and rainwater tanks. It’s also safe for indoor use since it doesn’t require any chemical treatment.  We also work regularly with civil engineering and construction companies to provide tailored pre-cast concrete solutions, such as bridge parapets, arch tunnels and retaining wall panels.

One of the great benefits of pre-cast concrete comes at the construction site. Unlike insitu concrete, there are no worries about weather delays. We can avoid a lot of headaches and hassles with this one. Because the tank is already formed in our factory, we can crane it into position during a rainy day just as we can on a sunny day (providing the rain hasn’t caused any access problems for our trucks). By manufacturing pre-cast concrete products in a factory, this also means that you can get the same results each time, as the weather will often affect the outcomes of concrete being poured on site.

On site, precast can be installed immediately, there is no waiting for it to gain strength and the modularity of precast products makes installation go quickly. With the ability to so tightly control the process, from materials to consolidation to curing, you can get extremely durable concrete.

These are just some of the reasons we are proud to be pre-cast concrete specialists.   What projects can we complete for you? You can see some of our work on our website , but better yet, give us a call at 08 8444 8100.


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