Benefits of Ri-Cycle Commercial Wastewater Treatment System

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Constructing commercial properties is a huge undertaking. Many factors go into the initial step of choosing locations for building sites. One important consideration is how wastewater will be managed. Are sewage pipes already laid and available for use? If not, is it possible to connect sewage pipes to the area? What will the cost be for off-site wastewater disposal? Is on-site wastewater treatment a possibility?

On-site wastewater treatment can be a major cost saver compared to installing and maintaining sewer pipes. It is also beneficial to the environment. The use of reclaimed water means less consumption of fresh water and when used water is eventually discharged back into natural water sources, it can still have benefits to ecosystems, improving streamflow, nourishing plant life and recharging aquifers, as part of the natural water cycle.

There are a variety of ways reclaimed water can be used for commercial properties. Irrigation of lawns, gardens, sporting facilities, golf courses is a common use. It can be used for road cleaning, soil compaction, concrete making and even dust control.

If the decision is made to use a commercial wastewater treatment system, the Ri-Cycle manufactured by Ri-Industries should be considered. The Ri-Cycle is an aerobic systemand is one of the most effective methods in Australia for dealing with sewage.

With its unique design, the Ri-Cycle wastewater system offers a number of benefits:

  • Flexible design so they can be tailored to suit your exact requirements
  • The high quality bio filter medium enhances the purity of the recycled water
  • All irrigation pumps are stainless steel, submersible, quiet, reliable and inexpensive to operate.  And because of the high quality of effluent being passed through the system the normal manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months is extended to 3 years
  • A German-manufactured side channel Air Pump offers a reliable and efficient aeration
  • Three sizes of Ri-Cycle tanks offer maximum flexibility for use in many buildings and sites
  • Child-proof, vandal-proof and trafficable lids give you additional peace of mind
  • A manufacturers’ warrantyon tank construction – longer than comparable products

Please call us at 08 8444 8100 to learn more about the Ri-Cycle. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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