Why Saddle Risers, Increments, and Cover Slabs are Beneficial for Septic Tanks

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Yay! It’s time to get the septic tank pumped! Wait a minute, that’s not something people get excited about. Let’s face it, while we understand there is a need for a septic tank, it’s not something we like to think about on a regular basis. Once it’s been installed, we’d prefer to put it out of mind.

One good thing about septic tanks is that they are fairly low maintenance. If we follow simple rules about what should not be flushed, the tank should function well without much work on our end. There will come a time though, on average once every three – five years, when the tank should be pumped. Why? Because tanks breed bacteria which digests sewage to a sludge. The sludge builds up over time eventually leaving little room for new sewage. If not pumped, sewage will overflow into the disposal area causing it to fail. Failed disposal areas can be smelly and expensive to fix. So, when the time comes to pump the septic tank, we want it to be as inexpensive as possible and cause the least disruption to the landscaping as possible.

A common problem faced by septic tank maintenance companies is difficulty locating the tank. Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? But the tank is, after all, underground and it’s likely there have been years to develop beautiful landscaping around it. Wouldn’t it be awful if every three – five years the landscaping had to be destroyed simply to find the septic tank?

Thankfully, Ri-Industries has a solution to help the septic tank maintenance worker locate the tank without making a mess and ruining your landscaping. Saddle risers, increments, and cover slabs work together to help the septic tank maintenance worker avoid all that painful digging and disruption to your outdoor area. No more guessing the exact spot where the septic tank is located. The saddle makes it easy to find, open and access septic tanks to pump out the contents and quickly re‐seal the cover. The covers are gas tight to contain odours and water tight to prevent effluent leaking from the septic tank or water from entering the septic tank.  They can also stop children and stock falling into or accessing your septic tank.

Ri-Industries manufacture saddles risers, increments, and cover slabs:

  • To suit all horizontal septic and holding tanks
  • Coverslabs suitable for pedestrian traffic only
  • Radius of saddle riser varies to suit tank
  • Each component fitted with 1.3t ‘Swiftlift’ anchors for lifting

For answers to all your septic tank, saddle riser, increment, and cover slab questions, call us at 08 8444 8100. We look forward to hearing from you.

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